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Children of Internment: A Film By Kristina Wagner & Joe Crump

Children of Internment is a documentary about German Americans who were interned without due process during World War II.  The stories are told by prisoners who were children at the time and interned with their parents.

During WW2, entire families of German Americans were taken from their homes by the US government and imprisoned in Internment camps for the duration of the war and sometimes for years after the war. This was done without due process or trial. Many of these German families were taken from their homes and businesses in Central America, brought to the US and then traded for American citizens held in Germany. Men, women and children were packed aboard ships and �repatriated� to Germany during war time. This documentary is told by the children who went to these prisons with their families.



Camp Letters: 1942 - 1945, by Robert V. Nightingale, is a collection of more than 200 letters and other documents from Alice Stiller to her husband Bruno while he was imprisoned in the Alien Enemy Internment Camps during the Second World War.


This book is a primary source document of life on the homefront during the war. At the time, most Americans did not even know that Germans and their families were held in these internment camps, the same as the Japanese.


While Bruno was away, Alice ran the family restaurant. In 1942 she cared for their three children and was expecting a fourth.  Alice writes about her financial struggles, making repairs herself, driving in a blizzard to visit Bruno with children in tow, and her attempts to get him released.  Alice was fighting her own war to keep what she and Bruno had built in his adopted country.

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