The monthly bus trip to Missoula, Montana was not as interesting as the train trip to Stringtown, Oklahoma.Even though it was somewhat boring,it was worth it to be able to see Dad.When we went to Fort Missoula, I would wear my U.S. army uniform.Many small boys wore such uniforms during this period.Many uniforms, like mine, were similar to those worn by a relative who was in the U.S. Armed Forces.My uniform was adorned with a genuine pair of Major insignias--gold oak leaves on the collar-- and an officer’s emblem on my cap.I even wore a shoulder organization patch and properly placed “U.S.” insignias on the lapels.While home on furlough, my cousin, Herman Hahner a colonel in the U.S. Army, gave me the insignias and he showed me where to place them on my uniform. Herman was a unit commander in an anti-tank division in Europe.When I wore my uniform, complete with insignias, rank, and patch, every soldier that I met—there were many of them in Missoula---gave me a salute.This was a big deal for a six-year-old kid!!

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