Crystal City, Texas
November 2002

This is a start page for documents and photographs pertaining to the civilian internees of war reunion at Crystal City, Texas on November 8, 9, and 10, 2002--sixty years after the internment camp was opened by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) of the Department of Justice.

Resolution of the City Council of Crystal City  

Resolution of the Zavala County [TX] Commissioners Court

Resolution of Tracy King, Texas State Representative

Eberhard Fuhr Speech

Paul Grayber Speech

Letter to Editor of the Zavala County Sentinel ««« Click here to read this letter of thanks to those who made this Reunion possible and successful.

Bittersweet reunion: Bend man revisits WWII internment camp site ««« Click here to read this article by Barney Lerten of Bend, Oregon..

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Thumb nail of Reunion Audience  Reunion Audience on November 9, 2002

Parade Marshalls Parade Marshals

LaPryor High School Bank La Pryor High School Band performing before Reunion internees.

Front Page Star Bulletin  Front page of the Honolulu Star Bulletin  - Click on it to read the November 8, 2002 article regarding the reunion.

"This time they're free"  A reunion article by Rebecca Rodriguez of the San Antonio Express-News, November 10, 2002, in part it reads, "In a nondescript field in this small South Texas town, the memories came flooding back. Dark stories, told in English, Japanese and Spanish, about childhoods spent behind barbed wire, families torn apart and lives marred by injustice. More than 200 people gathered Saturday to remember their experiences at the World War II Internment Camp at Crystal City. In the 1940s, many spent their youths at the camp, innocent victims who were considered enemies by birth."

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Composite Reunion One
Composite Reunion Two
Composite Reunion Three
Composite Reunion Four
Composite Reunion - Then  photos circa 1943-1946 -- Crystal City [TX] and one photo of young boy tagged before boarding M.S. Gripsholm 1945 exchange voyage.
Composite Reunion Six

Composite Reunion Eight
Composite Reunion Nine
Composite Reunion Ten
Composite Reunion Eleven

Composite Reunion Thirteen
Composite Reunion Fourteen
Composite Reunion Fifteen
Composite Reunion Sixteen
Composite Reunion Seventeen
Composite Reunion Eighteen
Composite Reunion Nineteen Images from the LaPryor High School meeting and excerpts of official government documents.

Composite Reunion Twenty-one  On the left of this composite is a sculpture I have entitled--"Tears of sorrow, tears of  joy."

Proclamation 2526 - November 19, 1999 This proclamation was issued by Congressman Matt Salmon (R-Arizona).  It is believed to be the first such statement by a member of the U.S. Congress that addresses the issue of the internment of German Americans in the United States during World War II.

Commemorative bookplate This bookplate includes images of  several of the locals, as well as  then and now images of former internees.  We all salute and say thank you to those who made the historical first Reunion of former internees of the Crystal City a reality.

A patriotic child
Signs of the Reunion
Eberhard Fuhr (Speaker)

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