Persons Received by the INS

Under the auspices of the alien enemy program the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) received the number of internees by nationality and country as follows (please note that the numbers do not include the 5,620 Japanese Americans who renounced their American citizenship and 4 Japanese aliens who were from Pacific Islands other than Hawaii:

Continental U.S. 10,9053,278 8,004 243
Alaskanana 95na
Hawaiinana 910na
Latin America Note 2 Note 3 2,220na
TOTAL10,9053,27811,229 243
na:         Not available

Note 1:  Hungarian - 52; Romanian - 25; Bulgarian - 5; and Other - 161

Note 2:  An official document has not been located with numbers for the 
number of German or Italian Latin Americans who were brought to the U.S.
for internment.  Estimates have been made by several researchers these 
estimates range from 600 to 5,000; the authors believe that the actuual
number of German Latin Americans rests somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000.

DATELINE NBC in its November 30, 1994 program entitled Roundup addresses this issue. Research of this matter continues.

Note 3: There is practically no information available on the Italian Latin Americans. It is known that on February 29, 1944 an Italian family of four from Honduras was interned in Crystal City, Texas. Source: Civilian Alien Enemies in Custody, February 29, 1944, Crystal City Internment Camp, Texas. Source: W.F. Kelly letter dated August 9, 1948 to A. Vulliet, YMCA, N.Y. and a 1948 documents entitled, "Japanese Held in Internment Camps and Detention Facilities During the War."