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Known Locations of Internment Camps and Detention Centers that held German American Internees in the United States during World War II


Map and listing of internment camps and detention centers known to have held German American civilians

World War II Internment Camp, Crystal City, Texas

Reunion of former Internees at Crystal City, Texas - November 2002
ELLIS ISLAND, New York Harbor, NY

Light and Darkness A comparative report on the American operated Crystal City Internment Camp [Texas, USA] and the Japanese operated Weihsien Civil Assembly Center [Weihsien, Chantung, China].

Christgau's photo collection -- Fort Lincoln internment camp «Click here to view the photos [May 31, 2001}

Fort Lincoln Male Internment Camp «« Click here to view a layout of the Fort Lincoln Internment Camp, Bismarck, North Dakota. Most browsers will allow you to click on the map to enlarge the view. [October 22, 2003]